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oval greywash rattan dog basket


An oval basket made from a heavy duty greywash rattan (an environmentally friendly and natural raw material). It is easily cleaned with a soft brush, a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner - if it's really dirty you can even hose it down!

The neutral grey tones of these baskets are a timeless compliment to any home style.

Why not add one or two of our recycled wool blankets or a gorgeous grey faux fur blanket to create a low maintenance, easily cleaned cosy nest for your four-legged friend to relax.

Matches our greywash rattan storage baskets.

Available in four sizes:

extra small = approximately W: 53 cm  x D: 43 cm x H: 17 cm

small = approximately W: 64 cm x D: 53 cm x H: 17 cm

medium = approximately W: 77 cm x D: 63 cm x H: 22 cm

large = approximately W: 85 cm x D: 70 cm x H: 26 cm

Blanket/bed and cat/dog not included! Suitable for both dogs and cats.